sabato 7 agosto 2010


I met Cazwell (Chris Caswell) on facebook where I watched his latest video Ice Cream Truck and I thought it was nasty and a little bit too much queer for my taste. But then, you know my curiosity, I watched on the Tube some others video with (and by) Him and, cool, it's pretty good stuff.

So I discovered an entire new world: Homo hop aka Queer hip hop, that is LGBT people making effort to change  hip hop music, normally associated with homophobic lyrics into a homophile genre stretching its boundaries.
Cazwel puts in his song a little blend of disco/tecno a that's mostly why I'm talking to you about him and his music.
But besides music (and words) despite the facts that I'm writing into (I hope not too bad) English I know you don't get a hint of the lyrics, the visual part of Cazwell's videos is quite compelling and that's the other reason of this post.
I love making music videos because I'm just as much a visual artist as I am a musical artist. Bringing a song to life with a video has always been extremely rewarding no matter how stressful. My goal is always to make the video look like how the song sounds. (Cazwell interviewed for Associated Content)

And speaking about me thinking Ice Cream Truck's a little bit too queer that's kind the same thinking Cazwell himself has when, on stage, he sees his fans screamingly adoring him:
Sometimes I get these really girly guys that start crying and screaming when I get on stage. That feels really weird. Every now and then, I have to tell a guy to put his pussy on ice and chill out.
Cazwell is not only causticly ironic:
I came to the conclusion that hip hop culture doesn’t want anything to do with gay culture. I just came to the realization and acceptance that straight guys in hip hop don’t really roll with gay guys. It doesn’t matter how talented I am. It’s not going to happen and I’m OK with that. Once I let go of that I was able to be more creative. I know a lot of gay rappers that really consider themselves hip hop and want to be accepted by hip hop producers, and my point of view is, “Why bother? Why spend all my time and energy trying to make a culture who hasn’t acknowledged my existence for the past twenty years accept me?” If I stop thinking about what people expect from me and just do what I want to do, then I have more of an opportunity to create a new sound. (Cazwell interviewed for The New Gay)
(So, forget what I wrote at the very beginning of this post, quoted from Wiki...)
Cazwell is not only a feet-on-the-ground person but a man whom occurred to be gay:
Not everyone likes me, that’s for sure. People certainly don’t like me because they’re gay and I’m gay; it doesn’t work out like that. A lot of people don’t get the humor of the “Beyonce” song, and some think it’s the funniest thing in the world. (The New gay).
He perfectly knows that:
 if you're really trying to change people's minds; these kinds of people have already made a change. They already have gay support and supporters. But for instance if Ozzie Osbourne, had like, said something about having a gay sister or something, that's how we really make a difference, when we really break the stereotype. It's not even that it's okay to be gay, but that it's okay to be cool with gay people. That's the real step.(Cazwell interviewed for iamyouare.
And also:
To work with someone solely because they're gay is just as bad as not working with someone cause they're gay. It's the same shit to me. (...) Same shit, new stink (iamyouare)
So at least I'm not the only one thinking that way...
Cazwell is so self-conscious that he can says
I am truly a believer in the fact that the majority of the world's problems revolve around a universal lack of respect for women. Like that's the core of all of it. And that's not even me taking a hit of acid and coming to this epiphany or anything, I've always really thought that. If women made more decisions, they could be in charge of the consciousness of the planet. And you can always tell how a community or region is going to react to gay people by how they react to women. Like if they stone women for adultery, then for sure they're gonna hate fags (iamyouare)

without sounds too naive.

And we can sure believe him when he says that:
I don't believe the music industry is particularly homophobic. The only phobia that the industry has is "not making money." (Associated Content)

By the way here it is the video of the ...“Beyonce” song and more!