domenica 20 marzo 2011

Let's talk a little about Glee

In the previous episode there is a father-to-son talk that was perfect and amazing.
Pushed  by his son's  (only at the time) friend Blaine, who told him his concern about Kurt's tendency to be evasive about sex, Kurt's father explains  to his son how sex between guys is different from guy and girl's not for the mechanic of sex but for the behavior of male sexuality.

Neat, precise and right to the point. 

In the latest episode of Glee Blaine open his heart to Kurt saying he loves him. The kiss(es) they gives each other are mind-boggling 'cause are Real kisses not too much no too little just kisses.

I'm so glad that there is a show like Glee that depicts for the very first time gay characters just like normal people with problems anyone can understand, normal problem yet different 'cause homophobia is all around the world and can punch you literally right in the face.

Glee it's a smart show. In the first season depicts Kurt as a gay guy who has NO sex (as usual), then, after a long while he turns out being with Blaine... You don't need to see them in bed (yet) but the kissing is great!

So gay kids all over the world don't screw like rabbits but LOVE (and play safe)!