mercoledì 3 novembre 2010

The Rocky Horror Glee Show: a very first disappointment for a terrific show!

You Know I Do love Glee, since the Pilot. Some episodes are better some are worse, but it's a great show.
Until the latest episode aired in USA October 26th. The entire episode was an hommage to The Rocky Horror Picture Show but the authors made an unbearable, unforgivable mistake: they gave the role of Frank 'N Further to a woman. everything was revolutionary, outraging anti-bourgeois was killed by that switch of genre.
Frank is a sweet transvestite, a sweet Transvestite,  but he doesn't really wear a dress. He's more a bisexual than a transvestite. He sleeps with men and women and he doesn't care if that can be a risk for his masculinity. So he says fuck it I'm a transvestite, I'm not afraid to be like that, I'm so full of sexual energy that I can take the risk of loosing a little of it. 'Cause I've plenty of it because I'm a transvestite from Transsexual Transylvania. He is ALL: man, woman, transvestite, transsexual. Giving that part to a woman,  without reversing all those implication kills the character, gives his extraordinary subversive power away. I'm so disappointed and disillusioned that I want to stop watching Glee!

Wonder why I wrote this post in English...

Anyhow compare the Glee version of it with the original Sweet Transvestite...

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